Ebro Accomodation for fisherman and birdwatchers etc
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Ebro Accomodation  

Our accomodation in the Ebro region is available to fisherman and non fisherman for hire. We have undoubtedly got access to the widest range of accomodation in the region to suit all budgets.

We make no apology when we can offer a selection of the finest accommodations in Mequinenza and Caspe. Here at BGS we take pride in all of our accommodations. We never group different parties in the same accomodation!

If you are a fisherman booking a complete holiday package from us, we recommend that you use this page to confirm that the accomodation you have selected is suitable for your needs and then contact us to confirm your reservation for your Ebro Accomodation.

Use the links below to find out more specific information on our Ebro accomodation.

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Carp can be caught near our accomodation