Catfish and Carp on the Ebro in Spain
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Fishing in the Ebro region, particularly for Catfish and Zander is radically improved with access to a good boat. BGS have well over 30 boats that are well maintained, have the necessary river authority license, and come with a suitable outboard engine. While some fisherman prefer to fish from the bank, a decent boat allows you to transport yourself and your gear to one of the many quality spots that are not road accessible.

The majortity of the competition have small plastic boats without engines. The Ebro can be a powerful river and most fishermen enjoy the security of a larger boat that can be used to glove catfish. We have smaller boats available for carp fisherman to bait with if they wish.

All of our packages come with a quality boat included. Depending on availability, boats can be rented by anglers who do not wish to use our accomodation.

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Ebro Boat Hire

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