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Catfishing on the Ebro can be a serious challenge even for experienced anglers. With miles of river to get to grips with, often the best approach is to take advantage of skilled and experienced guidance during your trip to maximise the chances of success. We recommend that all parties take the services of a guide for at least one day. Guided fishing with a guide at Bavarian Guiding Services is different from other companies. You will fish only with an agreed party size (just you and the guide if you want!) This means that you will not have to worry about sharing your fish with a big group. We are proud to offer the services of six guides who can help you catch the catfish of a lifetime.

Guided day trips available on request upon arrival.

Bodo Kunkel
Bodo has established a phenomenal reputation with anglers throughout Europe for being the guide who consistently delivers fish during the season. Bodo has an amazing track record and does exceptionally well for his guests. Bodo came to Mequinenza from Lake Constance in Germany. He has been with us for eight years. He has banked literally thousands of fish for our guests including monsters well over 200lbs. Catfish holiday guide Bodo Kunkel
Markus with a hard fighting zander Markus Stegherr

As well as being responsible for the day to day activities of the fishing camp here in Mequinenza, Markus also guides for us. He arrived in 1991 and during this time has developed an extensive knowledge of the river and the upper lake. Markus is available for personal guiding as well as general advice for fishing the region on all species from carp and zander to catfish.

Jason Toye

Jason has 15 years of European fishing experience, during which he has tackled almost all of the major species with great success. He has concentrated his fishing on major river systems in France and Holland; over the last decade he has focussed his attention on Spain. Jason has personally caught catfish to 191lbs from the Ebro and has guided grateful clients to fish of 200 pounds. His commitment to his guests is well known and he takes great personal satisfaction in helping his parties to have an enjoyable experience. His best session to date saw an incredible 35 cats with an average weight of over 100 pounds.

Tom Grabitz

Tom is an exceptionally experienced angler who has fishing in his blood, having caught fish from huge European venues. He works as a guide with us and has helped our guests catch catfish well over 200lbs. Tom's intimate knowledge of the Ebro region means that he knows a host of swims well off the beaten track. When you get to the swim, Tom knows the spot within the spot to maximise your chances of success.

Enrico Esch

Enrico is highly skilled at all forms of fishing on both the upper and lower lake. He has been fishing since he was 4 year old. He has been in Spain for 8 years and guided with us for 2, having previously fished as far afield as New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Norway and Ireland. He has escorted many satisfied UK guests since joining the camp with plenty of huge cats. He has personally caught carp to over 50lb, Zander over 20lb and cats to nearly 200lb. Enrico is happy to explore wider areas of the river as the need arises to maximise your chances of success. The dedication and professionalism of Enrico is second to none.

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