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Ebro Catfish, Carp, Zander and Bass  
Ebro Catfish and carp are the most popular species for most UK fishermen coming to our camp. The river is literally teeming with fish here in Spain. As you would expect, the feeding habits of the fish vary from month to month and even year to year depending on natural conditions and fishing pressure. When arriving in Spain to fish, flexibility is often the key to ensure a superb weeks fishing.
Wels Catfish - Silurus Glanis

The Ebro is most famous for its huge stock of massive catfish. Tempting, hooking and landing a "ton" is one of the ultimate challenges for anglers in Europe today. If you've never experienced the raw power of a cat before, you'll be amazed at how hard these fish can fight.

Tactics for catfish include free roving and fixed livebait fishing (buoy fishing), as well as the ever popular pellets (available at our shop). The best time for catfish is from late March to around mid October. They usually spawn during May so be willing to switch to carp if necessary during this month. Tackle rental is recommended as these Ebro Catfish have a reputation for destroying rods and reels!

Wels Catfish
Carp Common Carp - Cyprinus Carpio

The carp the Ebro have become an exceptionally successful species. It is not uncommon for the carp to spawn four times are year! This is why the carp swim up and down the river in large shoals. When fishing it's possible to have double hits off twenties and thirties! As you'd expect from wild river fish, accurate and heavy baiting are the keys to success. To maximise your chances of success, we recommend that you allow us to prebait a suitable spot in advance of your arrival with particles and boilies which we sell at competetive prices.

The best time for carp is between October and May when big bags are on the cards. Summer is usually tough fishing. Please note that night fishing isn't permitted on the Ebro, but isn't necessary. The carp tend to lay low at night when the catfish are on the prowl.


Zander - Stizostedion lucioperca

Anyone who hasn't had the chance to catch a zander in the UK really should consider trying for these sporting fish. The zander season runs from about September onwards, although early season is generally the best time because they are sensitive to angling pressure. The zander predate on the millions of bleak in the river, and unsuprisingly this is the best bait. Dead bleak are usually fished on the famous "Drachkovitch" rig which is similar to a jig with a dead fish. Twisters and spinners are also effective methods.

Zander in Spain grow extremely large, and fish of up to 10 kg (22.5lbs) are occassionally captured.

Black Bass on guided fishing trip Black Bass - Micropterus

The clear water of the upper lake is home to the famous Black Bass, the renowned sportfish. Guiding can be arranged to catch this species as generally it requires exploring the lake on a powerful boat. Lures are more or less exclusively used to tempt bass. This species is an option for someone fancying a new species or wishing to take a trip on the beautiful upper lake on the Ebro.

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